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Indoor Ambience
RJ Indoor Air Sanitizer (IAS) is a high-energy ion purification device developed and designed by German high-energy ion technology, which is suitable for our living environment. It simulates the oxygen and water molecules in the air by ioni Read More
Developed to help combat viruses such as Coronavirus, Indoor Purification System (IPS) is an intelligent micro cleaning equipment that is suitable for usage in food and beverage stores. This air-cleaning system not only cleans, purifies and Read More
Ion Cluster Technology (ICT) generates strong bonds of ions with high binding energy and stronger decomposition effect of toxic substances. It is able to remove bad odour sterilise the air, break down VOCs and hardzardous chemicals, as well Read More
A small and compact Air Purifier and Sanitizer that traps particles as small as 0.3 microns and eliminates 99.9% of germs and micro-organisms.   Using the latest technology, Oz Classic cleans and detoxifies the air of any airborne part Read More
RJ-UV System consists of UV PCO module and DBD (Dielectric Barrier Discharge) Ionizer. This product is mainly used for sterilization and odor neutralization, which the purifier efficiency can achieve 95% and above. The UV PCO module is inte Read More
Kitchen Solutions
The Oz Clean Air Cleaner System is highly effective in eliminating oil, grease and cooking odour from the cooking process hence achieving a greener environment. Oz Clean Air Cleaner System utilises the latest Plasma Discharge Technology (PD Read More
The Hybrid Kitchen Exhaust Hood is an all-in-one kitchen exhaust hood system designed to eliminate oil, grease and smoke vapours from the cooking process all in one compact package.   The Hybrid Kitchen Exhaust Hood ultilises Oz Clean Read More
The Fusion Counter is a mobile cooking counter that utilises the Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP) technology to eliminate up to 95% of oil, grease and smoke vapours from the cooking process. This stainless steel cooking table with a glass Read More
The Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP or EP) is an air cleaning system designed to be integrated into ducts. It ultilises the latest technology to help eliminate up to 95% of fumes, smoke and mist generated from the cooking process or from in Read More