RJ Environment Solutions Pte Ltd was established in 2010 with the core values of providing quality products, quality solutions and quality service to our valued customers. Over the years, we have developed our own innovative technology based on extensive research with our core team of engineers to provide green solutions to your problems.


Corporate Mission:

Let's Strive For A Greener Environment!

RJ Environment Solutions Pte Ltd aims to provide professional technical services and solutions to industries and companies aiming to have a clean, refreshing and healthy environment. We focus on using green technology with environmentally-friendly materials and equipment in the process of solving our customers’ problems such as foul odour, moulding problems, micro-organism’s contamination, pest infestation and air or water pollution.

We will not sacrifice or compromise the wellness of our environment to accomplish our business objectives. We always strive to achieve holistic solutions in helping our valued customers solve their environmental issues with effective and environmentally-friendly methods.


Core Values:

Quality Solutions, Quality Products & Quality Service!

Our effective solutions are possible with our high-end technology machines. We work closely with field experts on designing, developing and improving the various products through the years. We pride ourselves with our pre- and post-sales services, to ensure that customers will get all the needed assistance with their environmental issues.

We are currently active in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mongolia and Taiwan. We have plans to expand further in the future.